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Financial institutions need consistent security programs managed by experienced leaders who have the expertise and desire to create improvements and efficiencies.
Pro-Cops Security has the most experienced team of Active and Re-tired law enforcement officers with a successful track record. Our team recognizes the importance of improving operations, increasing efficiencies, while maintaining high-levels of safety, and security.

Pro Cops Security can help you:

  • By building a team that can help you meet your security needs.

  • Achieve the highest quality of security from largest financial institutions to community banks.

  • With unsurpassed safety and security solutions to help manage risk and reduce cost.



We guarantee active or retired law enforcement officers who are highly
trained to respond to potential high pressure situations that may occur.
All of our security officers possess the knowledge, skills and experience
to maintain our high quality of service. Choosing PCS services will insure that
you have the most elite security officers available.

Unarmed / Corporate Security

Unarmed Security might be more fitting for businesses with a lower risk
level. Although the threat may be lower, it is always best to insure you
have highly trained officers on duty. With the most cutting edge training, our officers
know how to react promptly under duress.


We also serve any event or party. We understand the importance of making sure your customers or guest feel safe at your event/

party. Not only will the presence of active and retired law enforcement officers serve as a deterrent to would be trouble makers, it will
also serve as a reminder to your customers that you take their safety seriously. All of our officers are SORA certified. They all have an
excellent history on the job and we try to insure that the officers we assign to your location will be familiar with the area. Unlike
other companies that shy away from working in “High Risk Areas” we embrace it, with a lot of our officers working in these “high
risk” neighborhoods we encourage building a relationship with the community and reminding them we are here to serve and protect

Officers are also trained in:

  • First-Aid

  • Active Shooter Response

  • Hazmat Awareness

  • K-9

  • Basic Bomb Response

  • Light Suppression

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Ability to act to any given situation before it escalates.

Thumbs up Service

Provide onsite professionalism to client and customer.